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Denture Care

Full and Partial Dentures

Missing teeth may be replaced by making a removable denture (something that you take out at night). If you have existing teeth, Dr. Kutz or Dr. Tills may suggest that you replace your missing teeth with a partial denture. Your existing teeth may require some preparation or crowns to insure that the partial denture fits and stays in your mouth properly. A full denture may be recommended for you if you have no teeth or your existing teeth are not restorable. In general, partial dentures work better than full dentures, and if you don’t have enough bone for a full denture to “grab” onto to stay in and work well, then Dr. Kutz or Dr. Tills may recommend an implant to help hold the denture in your mouth.

There is no substitute for your natural teeth, however, dentures today are designed to give you a natural appearance and good chewing efficiency. Keep in mind that just like your natural teeth, your mouth and dentures should be cared for with diligence. Dentures need to be cleansed of plaque, food particles and other debris. Keeping your dentures in top shape will help keep the soft tissues of your mouth healthy; an unclean or malformed denture can cause infections and irritation. Regular visits to your dentist are critical and your dentist also can make minor adjustments that ensure that your dentures continue fitting naturally and comfortably.

The process of making and fitting a partial or full denture to your mouth usually takes 3-4 appointments. The first appointment consists of taking impressions of your mouth, followed by establishing your proper bite in relation to your jaw joint, making minor adjustments to the position of the teeth, and finally delivery of the finished denture. There are usually several follow up appointments where Dr. Kutz or Dr. Tills may need to adjust your denture if you have any sore spots developing. If you are a first time denture wearer, it may take several weeks before your mouth adapts and you are able to chew and talk normally again.